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we're not going to quit we will not stop until it is done what is more precious music more. coming up on our t.v. in many u.s. states third party candidates are gaining surprising support in the senate midterm elections how will they affect these tight races more on that ahead and a push for a cease fire between israel and hamas unravels military strikes resumed with the number of civilian casualties climbing the latest on the conflict coming up. and is there life on other planets that's up pushes on as it tries to discover more habitable planets but on this search through the stars will it be successful later in the show we'll show you more.
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good evening it's tuesday july fifteenth eight pm in washington d.c. i'm lindsey france you're watching our team america. what can popping a few beers turning on a video camera and sitting back at the kitchen counter to have a conversation with the voters get you a pretty good slice of voter support in the run up for the primary elections for the senate seats taking place all across the country will see we're seeing this sort of thing and right now they are taking place in north carolina so pizza delivery man in that state libertarian candidate sean ha has done just that and a tight senate race where candidates are spending many millions this guy is racking up a surprising amount of support with his every man issues and a cold pint forget expensive campaign ads take a look at part of his you tube series. not amish on from north carolina i mean if the u.s. senate as a libertarian then you know i really didn't want to do this. but i couldn't stand
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the idea of walking to the voting booth and just seeing the democrat and the republican on the ballot we just keep ending up with more war and more and more of the same problems just keeps getting worse what does this indicate while according to the washington post in addition to north carolina libertarians are poised to draw votes in at least ten other competitive senate elections this fall in montana oregon colorado minnesota iowa arkansas michigan virginia west virginia and alaska the party's working to collect enough signatures to appear on ballots also in kentucky and new hampshire and are looking to run for governor in florida and kansas to discuss this i was joined earlier by carla howell policy director rather political director at the national libertarian party i first asked her if it's possible for sean hull to make a strong impact on north carolina's upcoming elections. he's polling double digits as are a number of our libertarian candidates around the country the word libertarian in
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the libertarian party is what most americans want today they want less government lower taxes they're sick of war they're sick of the failed war on drugs they want marriage equality this is what the libertarian party has been delivering for forty three years well it seems to have a very strong voice right now obviously a lot of voters are very disturbed disillusioned with the the two party options on the table for them but some experts believe that if a third party candidate. is getting a lot of support in the preliminary polling running up to election day it doesn't always indicate that voters are going to hold true to that when it comes to whatever in a lever they poll or whatever they fill out on the ballot on the ballot come election day why do you think this is and how is your party working to to fight against that one of the main reasons this happens some of the time is because the media quits including our candidate in the polls or they exclude them from the
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televised debates six signaling that this candidate doesn't really count when of course we do in fact are can they so the only choice for real change the way we combat this is we get the message out to people ignore what the media does when they exclude candidates who are legitimately on the ballot as six hundred or more of our candidates are across the country this year you simply have to ignore that go to their website check out their issues and see who stands for what you stand for and in the case of most americans that's the libertarian party well the party has been around as you said for quite some time but what our voter what's resonating most with voters in this twenty fourteen election government is too big and where the candidates who will actually shrink it the republicans pretend to be fiscally conservative they talk about tax cuts when they're actually voting to increase spending. and increase taxes the democrats talk about personal freedoms when they pass sis in sight now c.i.s.
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a patriot act all these laws that violate our privacy rights when president obama. invades medical marijuana dispensaries and shuts them down when he blocks the marriage equality which he did for a few years and betrays his progressive supporters both the democrats and republicans b. to re their members all the time now sometimes almost every time in fact and the libertarian party stays true the principles of small government and personal freedom that's what we're here for and that's what voting for a libertarian actually forwards let's talk about virginia last year which is a good example of what the libertarian party is looking at right now democrat terry mcauliffe a democrat won the governor's seat by a two point six point margin over republican ken cuccinelli in that election libertarian robert sarvis received six point five percent of the vote so it clearly
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he clearly had an effect on the outcome sarvis is now running for senate can we predict that he will again have an effect on this year's election or even get a seat certainly possible he is campaigning hard he has recruited seven or eight congressional candidates in the state who are also running hard we've got a great slate of candidates in the state and he's got some name recognition he's running as a libertarian to shrink government and advance personal freedoms is a very interesting man he's married to a black woman who's a physician has a mixed race family was born into a mixed race family and he's sending the message both in the way he lives in the way he speaks. that was carl howe a political director of national libertarian party. a subway train derailment in moscow has left twenty one people dead today one hundred thirty six people hospitalized with forty two of them in grave condition and happened during rush hour in the city's deepest metro station two hundred seventy five feet underground
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it was unclear initially what caused the train to derail investigators have ruled out an act of terrorism but are still looking at a possible fault in one of the cars a sinking of the road better even a power surge that triggered an alarm calls in the train which was traveling at around forty five miles per hour to stop abruptly the fatalities were all in the lead car of the train according to the deputy mayor in a rescue operation that lasted several hours more than eleven hundred people were evacuated from the train which was stuck between two stations now to the latest in the middle east where israel has resumed its military offensive against gaza several hours after unilaterally agreeing to a cease fire the deescalation plan proposed by egypt was initially supported by the israeli government but rejected by hamas militants who continued firing rockets when an easement of the blockade of gaza was not included israel sustained its first casualty when a man died following an airstrike according to the israeli army harry fear reports on the cease fire from gaza for r.t.
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. israel whole to its operation on gaza at nine am local time to see if hamas would take the opportunity and that didn't happen of a fifty rockets were fired today from gaza into israel at the same time hamas is military wing has said that the conditions for it to stop its campaign on israel have not been met they include for example the full lifting of the siege on gaza so israel has now resumed its operation and that includes the possibility of a ground invasion we've heard reports of bombings from the north to the south of the gaza strip just a while ago near our accommodation in west gaza city we heard. by now on the israeli context israel has in the last several several days received rocket fire not just from gaza but also from lebanon egypt sinai and also syria and in israel south the population that the civilian population have indeed by to been terrorized of course the civilian population in gaza at least one hundred civilians have been
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killed here we have been meeting with civilians stuck inside one of gaza's main hospitals. after a week of fighting over two thousand two hundred sites have been targeted in gaza with missiles striking hundreds of homes as well as police stations civil administration buildings mosques and hospitals gaza's only rehabilitation hospital was among three took direct hits its director general explained how it became a target in the morning we were hit with the first missiles from those were the warning signs for us live this hospital would destroy a second missiles hitting within fifteen minutes of third one hit on the fifteen. point came from the rules but we are staying here to help support and protect and shield the patients but they are helpless among the seventeen patients here only
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a couple were conscious and. well to talk to us the rest are in comas they constitute some of the most severe medical cases inside gaza when the rockets hit was inside the clinic. on. the lives of those less known as adamant zone in the home ahmed. says so we had no model. with just one kilometer away from the border with israel and this is what. struck. one of the theory is that israel wants to live up to it knows that it is only you know to war. and in. the same day at five o'clock on the missile that hit the hospital they called me we were head larger than the first for the time. to go as a person release the hospital made an emergency appeal for support and got an unexpected response pro palestinian international activists sitting in as human
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shields inside the hospital is really doesn't care too much about palestinian lives there has to be somebody from the outside world somebody from the western world they believe their presence protects the hospital claiming that israel will take measures to make certain that foreigners are not among casualties my presence here is more valuable for. for the international community in the sense that this world cannot hurt me striking the hospital represents a significant low point in this most recent israel hamas escalation the third of its kind in the last several years but if it's all civilian objects is a grave breach of the geneva convention. might amount to war crimes on the national polls but those have even. a greater level of protection. for example with houses while we were filming at the hospital an airstrike took
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place just a couple of hundred meters from where we were standing we ran for cover it's a measure of how dangerous this place is that even vulnerable patients find themselves at risk. most of the casualties arriving in gaza hospitals are still noncombatants on the health service is almost a breaking point with stuff having to work around the clock carry fear seeing gaza. here in the u.s. passions over the israel palestine conflict were on display in new york city today gaza supporters massed in plaza strongly voicing their support for palestinians calling for an end to israeli aggression shaming officials and the media for biased statements and reporting on the conflict i was joined earlier by her abdel carter the co-founder and ex-president of the palestinian american congress to talk more about the ceasefire plan and what went wrong i first asked him why the palestine
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specifically hamas rejected the plan. yes they rejected it and i think the majority of the palestinians wants them to reject it because they want to reject the status quo israel had. you know and use this into the palestinian area looking for you know sinking their whole kosher government and trying to appease you know the. people allied with netanyahu but at the same time trying to weaken. the unity government that bess and hamas had established recently and the center school does not serve the palestinian the status quo they wanted you know to look at the palestinian people in one large jail called gaza that's number one number two the one time i asked to everyone so i had to fire rockets into israel so
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israel gets back and say why we want to go through the peace because does not help look we gave up jazeera and the guys and you know they are firing rockets so the status quo is a big jail where people are starving where people are dying they're not communicating with the what ward outside so i think you know how mass is and the palestinian people do not want the status quo to go back and be part of their lives ok sara someplace saying that israel was just asking for too much especially in light of the blockade that's going on with gaza right now out of let's listen to what secretary of state john kerry had to say about the cease fire and how it failed. but israel has a right to defend itself. and it is important for us not to be provoking and purposefully trying to play politics in order to gain greater followers for its opposition and use the innocent lives of civilians who they hide in buildings and
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use as shields and put in danger that is against the laws of war and that's why they are a terrorist organization in light of a quote like that essentially the laying a lot of blame on the failure of the cease fire on palestine door do you think the u.s. can and should help broker a peace deal. you know i want to just reveal one piece of information i personally met with general with secretary kerry in the white house august ninth of last year and the very first question i asked him when i had a discussion face to face with him all right why are you going through this what is different and what you're trying to achieve and he said that obama is in his second term he's not running for. another term and right now we are determined that we will create peace among the palestinian we understand they shoes and both
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governments the understand the issues and here we go again they want to if they want to be. peace a broker between the palestinians and the israelis and they want to gain the trust of poor people you cannot be taken sights you cannot be siding with israel and you know claiming that you know one party is a terrorist and the other party is not personal hamas did not provoke this recent escalation they we all know that three settlers disappeared and found you know dead and that's denied any involvement and you know israel took a very severe measures against the palestinian the arrested over six hundred people and they start you know block it was lucky against them was bank you know cities and things like that and they start mobilizing to escalate the situation at the
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gaza strip because the intent was to weaken the unity government because our best was going ahead with a unity government so we know that israel had to be revoked this contrary to what the secretary of state is stating but this is that typical u.s. position the typical u.s. position is we support you know the state of israel and you know this act tax again to israeli civilians are unacceptable as if israel is not attacking palestinian civil unions. that was more her co-founder and ex-president the palestinian american congress. over a million civilians are trapped in the middle of fighting between the ukrainian army and anti-government molen militants as the military closes ranks around two of eastern ukraine largest cities the shelling air raids and violence are laying waste to cities towns and villages in the east where if a national is following the death toll from the suburbs of lugansk. the situation
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here on the ground days very dramatic and tensions continue to escalate challis almost never stops we hear a to the sounds over to read day and night and even right now in groups tanks mortars and multiple rocket launchers known as all hail used there and to government for cities to say that degraded troops are getting closer to the city center and they're now not further than ten to twenty kilometers from where we are now doctors are working twenty four seven and the sea team more full death toll is continuing to rise from both sides although it is very hard to say so far how many people were killed because the clashes are on to go in and casualties among the civilian population are old so on a constant rise because residential area is often. heat we visited many scenes shortly after the shells landed there and the images we saw on
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the ground were really terrible some of them we cannot even show here and with all these escalation here in ukraine obviously people continue to leave and they do not know when or if they will be able to come back that was our to correspondent marie from russia. well having just crossed the southern border of the united states in an attempt to flee their home countries a number of the immigrants stuck in one of the worst humanitarian crises at the center of the u.s. immigration issue has been turned around and returned to their home countries manila chan takes a look at one of the nations these people are going back to. heartbreak and fear emerge as the first wave of deportations has already begun just six weeks into the humanitarian crisis at the border where we saw thousands of child migrants from central america enter the u.s. nearly forty women and children were returned to honduras last night on a u.s. immigration and customs enforcement chartered plane only to be returned to
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a country marred by violence with an average of nineteen murders per day earning san pedro sula of the dubious title of the murder capital of the world just to put that into perspective that is six times worse than chicago now upon arrival at the san pedro sula airport the deportees were greeted on the tarmac by the first lady of honduras ana garcia hernandez mrs hernandez came bearing flowers and balloons and greeted the children with kisses but a happy homecoming this is not these women and children fled their home country due to extreme violence and crushing poverty more than half the country lives below the u.n. poverty line with an unemployment rate havering around thirty percent nearly two million residents have no access to potable water. now many of the children fleeing honduras cite horrific violence and fear for their lives as drug fueled gang violence and their city and the adults say the u.s.
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is to blame for that gang violence that's running rampant called mara salvatrucha or m.s. thirteen that gang is traced back to its inception in california prisons in the one nine hundred eighty s. by central american born inmates who were then deported back to their country of origin these women and children risked life and limb in a treacherous journey through mexico that took several weeks only to be returned less than two months later countless lives have been lost in route as tens of thousands flee the carnage at home for many this journey means risking their life for a chance at one or remain in honduras and face certain death now as many people stateside call for action from the white house it's actually congress that set the rules on how to deal with the migrant surge under the trafficking victims protection act border patrol is required to take child migrants who are not from mexico into custody screen them and transfer them to the office of refugee resettlement which
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is a part of the department of health and human services the law then leaves it all up to us in either finding these kids and nearest relative to release them to or put them in long term foster care but for these forty women and children that isn't the case however some were quoted they'll try again from washington manila chan r.t. . tonight on the big picture tom hartman questioned pat buchanan for his thoughts on the current immigration crisis where embroiled in take a listen we got a real mess not only released three countries time we got a real mess all over the world there are people living in repression whole of africa and latin america parts of asia are being brutalized we've got millions of refugees out of syria united states cannot take in every group or people in the world who are suffering repression otherwise we'd cease to be one country i'm going to see those there should be no we're not thousand kids at the right spot at the
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right here where tourists talk about this you got the fifty two thousand get amnesty here you'll have five hundred thousand the point is these kids i'm sorry for their situation in honduras and guatemala and el salvador but when they cross the border into mexico they were in their country why did mexico grant them amnesty and let them come here bold statements from mr buchanan and clearly this issue will continue to be debated at the highest levels of power in washington in washington to the family dinner tables on main street. but the conversation most people have had with their friends at one time or another do you believe in life on other planets for many it's an x. the structural question while leave it to the scientists to figure it out once and for all maybe lopez gives us a closer look at how they plan to probe deep space to find out. it's a question that inspired generations of scientists theorists even astronauts have
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fully believe that we're not alone and have for many many years we saw a light and we thought what that is i find it hard to believe that that we're in this world alone for thousands of years human beings have looked up at the night sky and asked the question are we alone in the universe are we the only planet with the perfect combination of distance from the sun and habitable conditions to foster life or are we one of many life forms in a universe that is constantly expanding. a question as old as time was an answer that was just beyond our reach until now this past april kepler discovered the furth first earth sized planet in the so-called habitable zone with shuttle missions grounded for good nasa scientists have turned their attention to the deepest darkest parts of our universe using telescopes to live in a their way a panel discussion in the nasa headquarters at washington d.c. detail the next dive into the final frontier and the technology that will take us
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there in two thousand and seventeen nasa will launch the transiting exoplanet survey satellite tests and tests will do an all sky survey and look at hundreds of thousands of stars for thousands of planets teaming up with tests the webb telescope is set to launch one year later and will use data to search for bio signatures being emitted from these planets and what the james webb telescope will do it will find what it now is actually a standard approach to setting exoplanet atmospheres the web telescope is almost twice the size of hubble its cameras can see much further into the depths of space and provide clearer images as well it will be equipped with instruments that allow astronomers to take pictures of very faint objects analyze physical properties of planets and their chemical composition as well as detect some newly forming stars with all of these gadgets and the billions of stars that illuminated the night sky the question becomes what are we looking for we're looking for signs of life on
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a planet around a nearby star and what those signs might look like it's within our grasp for the first time in human history. to make a discovery that will change the world and one day perhaps in the not too distant future humans may finally be able to look up at the night sky and know whether something or someone really is out there reporting for r.t. i'm meghan lopez in washington d.c. . that does it for now i'm lindsey france have a great night. i'm happy martin are the stories we cover here not here anyway story after that while there's a reason they don't want you to now you never want to know reset you should be completely free now let's break the set.
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diode guides are documents that spell out rules for punctuation and word use companies have them universities publish them news organizations use them there are lots of style guides out there that govern institutional communications generally they exist so that an organization can present information in a consistent random way and if you've ever had the pleasure to read a style guide you know they can sometimes be pretty funny because they can indirectly but very clearly spell out and agenda that an organization will tell you doesn't exist such as the case with the cia's style guide the legal nonprofit national security counsellors obtained a copy of the cia's style guide and are
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a foil request they published it on lie and like any style guide they definitely showed an agenda just the idea of the cia having a style guide is funny enough and the document itself contains a lot of for instance the cia wants the phrase american imperialism to have quotes around it like it's a fictional thing that doesn't exist they also don't want anyone to use the word regime when talking about anything american or any of america's allies because they think it has been negative connotation they don't want the w. capitalized in vietnam war because it was never officially declared as if a small w will just make that whole thing go away but where the style guide really gets interesting is in its usage examples every style guide include sentences or phrases to illustrate the rules. the setting and the normally plain sentences like these run but the cia's usage examples are much more telling for instance to
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illustrate their rules for the word while they use the sentence while he hated to force he recognized the need for order to illustrate the difference between the words of facts with an a and e. fact with a nice the style guide uses the sentences the blow on the head affected john's vision the assailants effected a change in john's vision by striking him on the head and the effect of the glow on john's head was blurred vision blows through there just to describe her music of course none of this is surprising but like any style guide the cia's does a great job of giving insight into the organization's unspoken agenda and in the case of the cia's the guy chose just how ruthless their style and or agenda really is tonight let's talk about that.


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